Nitrogen Inflation

For some time now, Nitrogen inflation of tyres has been used in trucks, aircraft, race cars and industrial applications. JAX Tyres now offers this service to customers with passenger cars, light trucks & 4WD's.

There are major benefits with nitrogen inflation over the traditional compressed air that can significantly increase the life,
performance and safety of your tyres.

Cooper Tyres Tyres N27 Nitrogen Program offers you the following benefits:

  1. Stable Tyre Pressure
  2. Better Grip
  3. Safer in all weather conditions
  4. Less frequent pressure checks
  5. Increased fuel economy
  6. Zero internal oxidisation through elimination of moisture
  7. Increased tyre life

Coloured Nitrogen Valve Caps:

To identify tyres filled with nitrogen our industry has adopted the use of coloured valve caps that inform the user and service personnel that your tyres are inflated with nitrogen instead of air.

Nitrogen (N2)inflated tyre

Pressure loss is caused by air migration. Nitrogen migrates 3 to 4 times slower than compressed air.

Nitrogen is available at participating Cooper Tyres stores throughout New Zealand.